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Plates and Structures
Plate and structural scrap, Or P&S in the scrap industry, is a cut grade of ferrous scrap, to be free of any contaminates, commonly associated with building construction and demolition, can be found amongst electric arc furnace casting and foundry material
Metal turnings are pieces of metal that are the debris or waste resulting from machining or similar subtractive (material-removing) manufacturing processes. 
Zurik scrap is composed of a mixture of non-ferrous formless metals, mainly stainless steel in combination with aluminium, copper, lead, magnesium, nickel, tin and zinc.
Zorba is a ‘shredded mixed non-ferrous metals consisting primarily of aluminium generated by eddy-current separator or other segregation techniques’. Zorba is mainly aluminium but may also contain copper, nickel, stainless steel, tin, zinc, lead and magnesium.
Aluminum related scrap
Aluminum scrap is generated in many steps of the manufacturing process and use by the end user. During manufacturing, aluminum material is lost from the process either during the melting step to form dross or in one of the many machining operations applied to the aluminum piece
Heavy Melting Scrap (HMS) or H1/H2
Heavy melting steel (HMS) or heavy melting scrap is a designation for recyclable steel and wrought iron. It is broken up into two major categories: HMS 1 and HMS 2, where HMS 1 does not contain galvanized and blackened steel, whereas HMS 2 does.
Busheling are pieces of metal cut from metal production, typically from industrial accounts. This material must be clean, new factory stamps or clippings, and may not be auto body material of any kind. Busheling is considered the highest grade of ferrous scrap due to its recovery and chemistry.
Lead Ingots
Lead ingots are a way of storing the metal so that, after removal of the dross, they can be stacked easily in a clean and pure form.
SS related scrap
Stainless Steel Scrap refers to the waste generated during the production or use of SS items. There are different varieties including SS 430, SS 410 and SS 316.
Zinc Ingots
Zinc ingots are used in foundry and hot-dip galvanizing. Galvanized parts are first fluxed by immersion in a solution of zinc chloride and ammonium, then dipped in the molten zinc to be zinc coated.
The pieces of ferrous scrap produced by shredders, often from shredded vehicles and appliances. The fist-sized chunks are transportable and saleable as a commodity.
Car Bales
Scrap steel from cars are compressed into bales for more efficient haulage and higher payload.
Copper related scrap
Copper Scrap refers to the waste generated during the production or use of copper items.